Apply for 2015 CJH3 College Scholarship

Apply Now Computer Key In Blue For Work ApplicationThe Charles J. Harbin, III Memorial Scholarship is accepting applications for the 2015-2016 school year.

Candidates for the scholarship must meet all requirements and submit requested materials to the CJH3MS Selection Committee by the appointed deadline. Applicants must be a resident of the state of Georgia; however, award recipients may attend college anywhere in the United States.

Download your application today.

Support CJH3 – Donate to the scholarship.

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Tools for Learning – A Legacy to Honor Charles

supply-donationDuring this academic 2014-2015 school year the CJH3 Memorial Scholarship is honored to be helping young students living at Drake House.  Drake House is an empowerment program for homeless mothers and their children, providing the environment and support to work towards self-sufficiency.

Charles Harbin’s passion was learning, and he was proud to work with at the Drake House tutoring students.  We are confident Charles would smile at the thought of helping kids who live there today learn mathematics with the scientific calculator and school supplies donation.

Next year as school begins, consider joining us in providing support to those who could not otherwise afford the tools to learn.

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Hannah Larson – Life at GA Tech


My first semester at GA Tech was amazing. I managed to finish with a 4.0GPA which I’m very proud of, and on a side note I’ve learned what it’s like to spend long periods of time in the library (yes, Dominoes does deliver until 2AM).

As an environmental engineering major, my classes last semester were General Chemistry for Engineers, French Culture I, Civil Engineering Systems, English II, and a freshman seminar for environmental and civil engineering majors.

I found out that I really enjoy chemistry, a testament to that being that I actually read the 13 chapters we covered in class.


One of my favorite experiences of the semester was being chosen to be a Tech the Halls Mentor. Through this program I was able to take a little girl in need from Atlanta on a $100 Christmas shopping trip.

It was so much fun and afterwards we got to hang out all day and go bowling. She literally couldn’t stop smiling the entire time.

hannah-larson-habitat-for-humanitySome noteworthy minor college experiences:

I went on a Habitat for Humanity trip over fall break where I was able to help paint a house, then go to the beach. And after, I experienced a classic college cliché of wearing a toga to a sorority mixer.

I was also on my sorority’s intramural dodge ball team and we were season champs.


Now embarking on my second semester, I already feel more comfortable maneuvering the nuances of college. I’m beginning to plan trips and activities for my study abroad this summer in Metz, France.

Overall, I’m entering second semester just as optimistically as the first and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Hannah Larson
Environmental Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology
2013-2014 Charles Harbin III Memorial Scholarship Recipient

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Hannah Larson – Checking In

VacationThis past summer flew by as I worked through the weeks and hung out with friends on the weekends. I spent the last week of July in Eagle, Colorado with my dad camping in Sylvan Lake State Park. Being over 20 miles from cell service and running water really was refreshing, and I loved the magnificent sights and wildlife that I was able to see because of this.

CampingAfter vacation, it was crunch time to start getting ready to go to Georgia Tech! It was hectic trying to think of everything I needed to buy and pack. I’ve been moved in for exactly one week now though and things are going great! Move-in day went much better than expected- I seemed to have done a good job packing everything I needed my roommate and I magically managed to fit it all into our tiny 10×15 dorm room.

GA TechI just finished my first week of classes this morning, and I’m really happy about all the classes I’m taking with great professors and new friends. The campus has become alive with student activity, and I definitely think my biggest problem at the moment is trying to decide what I want to become involved in! I’m really excited about all the opportunities my freshman year has in store for me.

Hannah Larson
Georgia Institute of Technology
2013 Charles Harbin III Memorial Scholarship Recipient

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Hannah Larson – 2013 CJH3 Award Recipient

20130516-_EES2236 (345x450)The Charles Harbin Memorial Scholarship was proud to present this years award to Hannah Larson.

Hannah, a student at Roswell High who was on the soccer team Charles coached, was chosen because of the strong alignment with the ideals Charles followed in life. In addition to sharing a love of soccer, Hannah’s plan to in study environmental engineering and water pollution at Georgia Tech aligned with Charles’ passion for the environment.

Charles’ birthday was April 22, Earth Day, so perhaps it’s not surprising that he had a love for the earth, recycling, and a recently discovered interest in kayaking on the Chattahoochee river.

Charles also loved literature and poetry. Byron was the subject of his thesis — and Hannah’s essay “Answer to a Beautiful Poem” captured Charles’ commitment to living fully in a cautionary against treading the safe path in life as opposed to reaching for the bold.

Her second essay expressed how an inanimate object integral to her passions would describe her. We were moved by the wisdom of one so young describing her camera, and using it as a metaphor for viewing life, and then observing that what is focused on by the camera…or the person…and what is experienced… is a dance between the viewer choosing where to focus, the person’s experiences in life itself.

Charles enjoyed life and people… valuing authenticity and trying to help people who care. Hannah’s demonstrated commitment to making a difference in the lives of others and in building community with her efforts in the National Honors Society, as a tutor to her peers and counselor to younger kids.

For all of these reasons, in addition to her stellar academic performance, Hannah Larson became the 2013 recipient of the CJH3 scholarship award.

The scholarship was presented this year by educator and global posture expert Dr. Steven Weiniger, on behalf of the CJH3 Memorial Scholarship Committee.  Dr. Weiniger serves as Educational Director of CJH3 Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Photo Courtesy of Eric Schey Photography
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2nd Annual Harbin Classic

Kate & Molly with Harbin Classic TrophyRoswell High School hosted the 2nd Annual Harbin Classic Faculty/Senior Basketball game this past March where students and teachers faced off on the RHS basketball court.

The friendly competition between teachers’ wisdom and experience, and age and enthusiasm on the part of the students began with a strong tilt towards experience as teachers took an early lead. Perhaps it was the vigor of youth or the quick learning of the students, but by the end of the first half the score had tilted decidedly in favor of the students.

Now in it’s second year, this new tradition honoring the beloved Roswell High teacher and coach was strengthened with the presentation of the Charles Harbin Classic trophy. Each years Harbin Classic winner will have a plaque bearing the team’s name affixed to the trophy to commemorate the victory.

This year’s winner: Teachers. In a surprising end game turnaround the final score was 39-36, and perhaps it was fitting that experience emerged victorious; but at the end all rejoiced, as it was also the official start of Spring Break.

Charles Harbin’s twin daughters were on hand to help present the new trophy.

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2013 Award Winner Announced

The Charles J. Harbin, III Memorial Scholarship (CJH3MS) is proud to announce the 2013 award recipient, finalist, and semi-finalists:

2013 Award Recipient:
Hannah Larson – Georgia Institute of Technology

Amy Martin – Rollins College

Verinda Gadsden – Shorter University
Christopher Mays – Georgia Southern University
Shanice Reeves – University of Georgia
Samantha Lee – Mississippi State University
Tyler Willingham – Georgia Perimeter College

Congratulations to this year’s recipient! The selection committee also extends sincere thanks to the finalist and semi-finalists, and all 2013 applicants for their thoughtful submissions. There were many deserving students making selection extremely difficult.

Thank you to the committee who participated in this year’s review process, as well as our supporters for helping us make it happen.

Please check back for more information about the 2013 award winner, Hannah Larson. While you’re here, post a comment and sign up for blog updates.

The scholarship board looks forward to 2014 applicants, and on behalf of Charles Harbin; encourages you to pursue your dreams.

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2013-2014 Applications Accepted

Get it done!The CJH3 Memorial Scholarship 2013-2014 Application is available for download. Applications should be completed and returned by the Application Deadline of April 22, 2013. (view application page)

The CJH3 Memorial Scholarship fund was established to commemorate the life of Charles Harbin, III by providing financial assistance to help college students with limited financial resources achieve high academic goals. Charles, a.k.a Harbs, found his calling in education and this scholarship serves as a keynote remembrance of him and his dedication to his students.

The Scholarship is awarded annually to selected students in an amount ranging from $1000 – $1500 for each recipient, to be used towards college tuition and fees.

Students interested in applying should visit and explore the website for more information. To make a contribution in Charles’ memory, visit our donations page.

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Jarrell Joseph – The Transition to College Life

JarrellJosephGSU“The first semester of school has been great! The transition was rough due to the increase in my workload, but that’s what I expect as a civil engineering major. Dorm life has been great as well, I have met so many new people and become friends with them.

I participated in the GSU Show of Strength competition, and I won first place in my weight class. During the second semester, I plan to continue to concentrate on academics and involve myself as much as I can in the activities offered at Georgia Southern.”

Picture: Jarrell (right) with one of his three roommates at GSU.

Jarrell Joseph
Georgia Southern University
2012 CJH3 Memorial Scholarship Recipient

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Molly Kollmar – Checking In

molly-kollmar-nov-2012“College has been a terrific experience. The best part of college would have to be the freedom and constantly meeting new people.  My roommate is terrific and we’ve become really close friends.”

“I absolutely love the campus here at Georgia Southern University.  Of course I miss my parents, but I’m not too homesick.  I am fortunate to have made a few close friendships already and meet new people all the time.  I am definitely enjoying the transition to college life and looking forward to sending you more news in the future!”

Molly Kollmar
Georgia Southern University
2012 CJH3 Memorial Scholarship Recipient

The CJH3 Memorial Scholarship was created in tribute to the life of Charles John Harbin, III. The fund provides financial assistance to help college students with limited financial resources achieve high academic goals. Charles found his calling in education and this scholarship serves as a keynote remembrance of him and his dedication to his students. Contribute today.
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