2018 Award Winner Announced

The Charles J. Harbin, III (CJH3) Memorial Scholarship is pleased to announce the 2018 Scholarship award recipient. We also would like to recognize below several other noteworthy applicants.

2018 CJH III Scholarship Recipient:
Grace M. Radovich – University of Georgia

Lillian F. Sharp – Dalton State University
Martha A. Gonzalez – Georgia Institute of Technology
Kayla B. Wright – Georgia State University

Honorable Mention
Melina Khorrami – University of California Los Angeles
Kailin Chen – University of Georgia
Elise L. Foster – Agnes Scott College
Mary J. McCary – Mercer University
Devon A. Otway – Savannah College of Art and Design
Katie L. Hanson – Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
Elisabeth D. Edler – University of North Georgia

Congratulations to the 2018 recipient, the semi-finalists, and honorable mention applicants! There were many deserving students with noteworthy academic achievements, creative essays, and well-balanced work, community and family accomplishments which made the selection challenging. The selection committee extends their sincere thanks to each of the 2018 applicants for their thoughtful submissions.

CJH3 Memorial Scholarship would like to take this opportunity to thank the committee of volunteers who participated in this year’s review process and to thank CJH3 Scholarship supporters.

Please visit again soon for more information about the 2018 award recipient, Ms. Grace M. Radovich.

The committee looks forward to 2019 applications, and on behalf of Charles, encourages each of you to embrace life as an exciting adventure and to pursue your dreams.

Please share this site. Scholarship and project funding is provided by the family and friends of Charles Harbin and to enable us to provide additional assistance, we welcome contributions.

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CJH3 Scholarship 2018

The 2018 Charles J. Harbin, III College Scholarship application is now open!

The scholarship is open to all high school seniors entering an accredited US college for the first time in the Fall of 2018. (view scholarship info page)

The CJH3 Memorial Scholarship fund was established to remember the life of Charles Harbin, III by providing financial assistance to help college students with limited financial resources achieve high academic goals.

The Scholarship has been awarded annually since 2012.

Find requirements, instructions and application at CharlesHarbin.com. Deadline for submission is April 22, 2018.

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Maya Perriott – Life at Columbia State University

This first semester of college has been an adventure. Between new friends and exciting class subjects, five months away at school seemed to go by in the blink of an eye.

Living away from home presented a whole new set of challenges, but I can safely say I have overcome the challenges of living away from home and can now make noodles with the best of them.

I have learned new things both inside and outside the classroom and can not wait to see what this next semester has in store. I exceeded my expectations, leaving home and maintaining good grades, I look forward to the upcoming years to see what they bring.

Maya Perriott
Columbus State University
2017 CJH3 Memorial Scholarship Recipient

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Meet Maya Perriott – 2017 Scholarship Recipient

Looking back time has passed so quickly. Just over a year ago I started my senior year of high school and I thought I had a lot of time before I would start college.  Now, I’ve started classes at Columbus State University.

This past summer I spent time with my family and bonding more with my mom. Although I will miss the attention, I am thrilled to see what volunteer opportunities Columbus State has to offer me.  It is my lifelong passion to help and serve those in need. I am so excited about this new chapter in my life, where I will get the chance to pursue something that I am really passionate about.

Transitioning to college has given me the chance to network with people and challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone. College is a time to envision a world with unlimited potential. I am truly honored to have received this scholarship, and I cannot wait to see where life takes me.

Maya Perriott
Columbus State University
2017 CJH3 Memorial Scholarship Recipient

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2017 Award Winner Announced

The Charles J. Harbin, III Memorial Scholarship (CJH3) is proud to announce the 2017 award recipient, finalists, and semi-finalists:


2017 Scholarship Recipient:
Maya Perriott – Columbus State University

Tierra Partridge – Valdosta State University
Adam Rex – Mercer University
Nancy Nguyen – University of Georgia

Alexandria Starks – Georgia College & State University
Reagan Woods – Georgia State University
Samuel Patterson – University of Maryland
Yaxuan Wang – Georgia Institute of Technology
Leighann Raksasouk – Georgia Institute of Technology
Tania Lopez – Dalton State College

Congratulations to this year’s recipients, finalists and semi-finalists! The selection committee also wants to extend their sincere thanks to all 2017 applicants for their thoughtful submissions. There were many deserving students making selection extremely difficult.

CJH3MS also extends a warm thank you to the committee of volunteers who participated in this year’s review process, as well as our generous supporters for helping us make it happen.

Please visit again soon for more information about the 2017 award recipient, Maya Perriott.

The scholarship committee looks forward to 2018 applicants, and on behalf of Charles Harbin; encourages you to pursue your dreams.

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Harbin Classic 2017

Roswell High School students wrapped up the 2017 Harbin Classic with a very thin 78-75 win over the faculty. This was the 6th Annual Harbin Classic Faculty/Senior Basketball game where students and teachers faced off on the RHS basketball court.

Teachers came out strong holding the scoreboard lead (43-38) at halftime, but the students slowly closed the gap as both teams fought hard during the 3rd quarter. In the final minutes of the game the faculty were fatigued giving the seniors the opportunity to pull out a win… but barely.

Charles Harbin’s twin daughters, Kate and Molly presented the trophy in the closing ceremony. His parents, Cheryl and Bill North, and sister Renee were also in attendance.

The Harbin Classic was named for Roswell High teacher and coach, Charles Harbin, “Harbs” in 2011. This annual event is heald each March as a kickoff to Spring Break and is dedicated to his memory.

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CJH3 helps Expand Young Minds with Mind Blowing Science


The Drake House in Roswell, GA is one of our favorite charities – local, relevant and real. They’ve been on our radar since Charles tutored there in 2011.  Drake House provides emergency and gap housing for young moms and their kids, and provides education in real world skills to empower the women in today’s world. The children get to stay in their local school, and avoid the stigmatization of being homeless, and see their mom as a role-model working towards self-sufficiency.

When we were kids one of our first introductions to science was making a volcano, and when we saw a kit to do just that we knew it would be something Charles Harbin would approve of and enjoy.   So the volcano kit, along with a few other items on the students wish list, including the Scientific Explorer Mind Blowing Science Kit, the Human Body Science Kit and the Scientific Explorer Magic Science Set for Wizards were donated to budding scientists at Drake house.

Christy Merritt, Director of Programs at the Drake House, was grateful. “We appreciate the help,” she said.  Many of our children are behind in their learning goals but are bored with traditional homework, so these kits teach in a creative way. Thank you for thinking of us. This will be a huge benefit to our program.”

You can help us do more for children in the community when you donate to the Charles J. Harbin, III Memorial Scholarship Fund.

“Give what you have.  To someone, it may be better than you dare to think.” ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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Olivia O’Fallon – Summer Before College

People never tell you how fast time passes. This summer has felt like a whirlwind of travelling, working, and getting ready for college. It has been amazing, none the less.

I went to Florida with family, adventured through the waterfalls of Asheville, North Carolina with my friends, and mission tripped to Detroit, Michigan to help demuck basements after flooding.

Each one will hold a memory in my heart, but after experiencing the overwhelming spirit of student leadership at orientation, it has become clear that I’m ready for college and the adventure it guides me to.

This summer hasn’t been all fun and no work, though. I have been working as much as possible to save up for college. The best is yet to come, and I’m excited to achieve my goals through my major in nutrition.

Olivia O’Fallon
Kennesaw State University
2016 CJH3 Memorial Scholarship Recipient

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2016 Award Winner Announced

Charles Harbin

The Charles J. Harbin, III Memorial Scholarship is excited to announce the 2016 award recipient.

The selection committee extends sincere thanks to all 2016 applicants for their thoughtful submissions. There were many deserving students making selection extremely difficult.

20160804_185217 (576x1024) (353x450)2016 Award Recipient:
Olivia O’Fallon –Kennesaw State University

Olivia O’Fallon is a 2016 graduate of Roswell High School. Described by her teachers as a highly motivated student, she’s also participated in numerous extracurricular activities including Student Council, Junior Classical League Latin Club, Yearbook and Lacrosse.

In her community, Olivia is active with her church youth group and joined in mission trips during Summer break. She’s maintained exceptional grades while also working part-time throughout High School.

Congratulations, Olivia! We look forward to following your academic journey and wish you every success in the coming year.

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Game On! Harbin Classic 2016

charles-harbin-clasiic-roswell-high-schoolThe Harbin Classic is the annual Teacher-Student basketball game that marks school letting out for Spring Break at Roswell High school. Named for the late Charles Harbin III, a teacher who uniquely engaged students towards their potentials, this years game was as exciting for the school spirit as it was for the action.

Seeing students playing as Guest and teachers as Home set the stage. After falling behind to the students early in the game, teachers rallied and the score was tied 41-41 midway thru second period. The board teeter-tottered up to 53-53 as both sides battled valiantly, with spills and falls on both sides (but no injuries). But toward the end youthful energy and enthusiasm continued while at least one teacher literally crawled off the court.

So despite the halftime cheer by a little girl leading teacher Schultzy that had the crowd roaring, the final score was 55-66. To judge by the sea of students taking selfies as they mugged with the talisman of a great teacher, bragging rights to the Harbin classic trophy appeared to be a major motivator at game’s end.

Much thought was put by players into their nickname, highlighting their academic as well as athletic strengths. The highly energetic MC3 was serious about taking Einstein to another level. Other eye-catching monikers included Globetrotter, Nemo, Vanilla Gorilla and White Mamba. But my favorite was the student named Keynes, and the teacher named Hayek, who I later found out were mother and son apparently bringing their dinner table discussions to the court (if you’re not familiar with the battle between the icons of Economics, “Hayek vs. Keynes -Fear the Boom and Bust” is the popular rap video Econ primer in Charles’ spirit of unconventional but effective education- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0nERTFo-Sk )

Charles Harbin’s daughters, Kate and Molly, along with his parents, Cheryl and Bill North, and sister Renee also attended. After the game, Kate and Molly posed with the winning team and trophy, which will be proudly displayed until next year for school visitors to see the enduring legacy of teachers connecting with students, and students with teachers.

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