Making an Impact in Education

Since 2011 the Charles J. Harbin, III Memorial Foundation has awarded college scholarships to high school students and supported education centered organizations.

To better serve today’s broader spectrum of learning needs, beginning in 2020 we’re pivoting our mission to redirect financial assistance specifically to charitable organizations focused on fostering education for those in need.

The organizations we select will serve elementary to high school students, prioritizing those programs who develop engaging ways to reach and teach the children of our community.

Past contributions have included bilingual books of all reading levels, engaging science experiments and school supplies. Going forward the CJH3 Foundation will explore new ways we believe Charles would tap to interest young minds, and make a lasting impression.

Charles Harbin touched the lives of so many students, and we sincerely thank all of our generous donors for helping us support individuals with high academic goals and limited financial resources over the last several years to attend excellent institutions including Tulane University, University of Georgia, Georgia Institute of Technology and many others. We believe pivoting from scholarships to grants will positively affect more children, encourage limitless minds, and create a larger impact.

A note from a former student…

“[Charles Harbin] was such a great teacher. I’m a teacher now and looking back I can really see how he truly understood me as a student. He loosened his teacher reigns and gave me the freedom to show what I knew in more creative ways than paper/pencil testing. He always gave me honest feedback and encouraged me to continue writing because he said I had a gift. He was such a special, weird (in all the best ways), compassionate and understanding teacher. I will never forget him! I still think about him when I do something off the wall in my classroom and my kids say, “Mrs. Conroy you are crazy!!!” I’m lucky to have been his student and will carry on his memory.”   ~ Leah Conroy, April 2020

Please consider donating today to the Charles J. Harbin Memorial Foundation to enhance educational resources for our community.


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1 Response to Making an Impact in Education

  1. Steven says:

    Wow…the “Dress like Mr. Harbin Day” picture really shows how profoundly Charles influenced students. Inspirational for teachers everywhere.

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