Hannah Larson – Checking In

VacationThis past summer flew by as I worked through the weeks and hung out with friends on the weekends. I spent the last week of July in Eagle, Colorado with my dad camping in Sylvan Lake State Park. Being over 20 miles from cell service and running water really was refreshing, and I loved the magnificent sights and wildlife that I was able to see because of this.

CampingAfter vacation, it was crunch time to start getting ready to go to Georgia Tech! It was hectic trying to think of everything I needed to buy and pack. I’ve been moved in for exactly one week now though and things are going great! Move-in day went much better than expected- I seemed to have done a good job packing everything I needed my roommate and I magically managed to fit it all into our tiny 10×15 dorm room.

GA TechI just finished my first week of classes this morning, and I’m really happy about all the classes I’m taking with great professors and new friends. The campus has become alive with student activity, and I definitely think my biggest problem at the moment is trying to decide what I want to become involved in! I’m really excited about all the opportunities my freshman year has in store for me.

Hannah Larson
Georgia Institute of Technology
2013 Charles Harbin III Memorial Scholarship Recipient

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