Hannah Larson – Life at GA Tech


My first semester at GA Tech was amazing. I managed to finish with a 4.0GPA which I’m very proud of, and on a side note I’ve learned what it’s like to spend long periods of time in the library (yes, Dominoes does deliver until 2AM).

As an environmental engineering major, my classes last semester were General Chemistry for Engineers, French Culture I, Civil Engineering Systems, English II, and a freshman seminar for environmental and civil engineering majors.

I found out that I really enjoy chemistry, a testament to that being that I actually read the 13 chapters we covered in class.


One of my favorite experiences of the semester was being chosen to be a Tech the Halls Mentor. Through this program I was able to take a little girl in need from Atlanta on a $100 Christmas shopping trip.

It was so much fun and afterwards we got to hang out all day and go bowling. She literally couldn’t stop smiling the entire time.

hannah-larson-habitat-for-humanitySome noteworthy minor college experiences:

I went on a Habitat for Humanity trip over fall break where I was able to help paint a house, then go to the beach. And after, I experienced a classic college cliché of wearing a toga to a sorority mixer.

I was also on my sorority’s intramural dodge ball team and we were season champs.


Now embarking on my second semester, I already feel more comfortable maneuvering the nuances of college. I’m beginning to plan trips and activities for my study abroad this summer in Metz, France.

Overall, I’m entering second semester just as optimistically as the first and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Hannah Larson
Environmental Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology
2013-2014 Charles Harbin III Memorial Scholarship Recipient

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