Molly Kollmar – Checking In

molly-kollmar-nov-2012“College has been a terrific experience. The best part of college would have to be the freedom and constantly meeting new people.  My roommate is terrific and we’ve become really close friends.”

“I absolutely love the campus here at Georgia Southern University.  Of course I miss my parents, but I’m not too homesick.  I am fortunate to have made a few close friendships already and meet new people all the time.  I am definitely enjoying the transition to college life and looking forward to sending you more news in the future!”

Molly Kollmar
Georgia Southern University
2012 CJH3 Memorial Scholarship Recipient

The CJH3 Memorial Scholarship was created in tribute to the life of Charles John Harbin, III. The fund provides financial assistance to help college students with limited financial resources achieve high academic goals. Charles found his calling in education and this scholarship serves as a keynote remembrance of him and his dedication to his students. Contribute today.
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