Apply for 2015 CJH3 College Scholarship

Apply Now Computer Key In Blue For Work ApplicationThe Charles J. Harbin, III Memorial Scholarship is accepting applications for the 2015-2016 school year.

Candidates for the scholarship must meet all requirements and submit requested materials to the CJH3MS Selection Committee by the appointed deadline. Applicants must be a resident of the state of Georgia; however, award recipients may attend college anywhere in the United States.

Download your application today.

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1 Response to Apply for 2015 CJH3 College Scholarship

  1. optionsint says:

    It is April and time for the C J Harbin III Scholarship program. The scholarship is a great way to celebrate the life and interests of Charles “Harbs” Harbin III and to assist deserving students. Harbs” enjoyed his students at Roswell High, Drake House, Fulton Science and those he taught in Japan. He calling was to open new worlds to his students through education. Charles himself was a recipient of scholarship assistance from Bennington College in Vermont and from The New College of South Florida. He would welcome the opportunity to assist deserving students to achieve their goals. Charles Harbin was curious about the world and he relished fresh perspectives. He would enjoy the CJH III scholarship essay submissions. Best of luck to all applicants.

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