Olivia O’Fallon – Summer Before College

People never tell you how fast time passes. This summer has felt like a whirlwind of travelling, working, and getting ready for college. It has been amazing, none the less.

I went to Florida with family, adventured through the waterfalls of Asheville, North Carolina with my friends, and mission tripped to Detroit, Michigan to help demuck basements after flooding.

Each one will hold a memory in my heart, but after experiencing the overwhelming spirit of student leadership at orientation, it has become clear that I’m ready for college and the adventure it guides me to.

This summer hasn’t been all fun and no work, though. I have been working as much as possible to save up for college. The best is yet to come, and I’m excited to achieve my goals through my major in nutrition.

Olivia O’Fallon
Kennesaw State University
2016 CJH3 Memorial Scholarship Recipient

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1 Response to Olivia O’Fallon – Summer Before College

  1. Steven Weiniger says:

    What a deserving student to receive the scholarship!

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