CJH3 helps Expand Young Minds with Mind Blowing Science


The Drake House in Roswell, GA is one of our favorite charities – local, relevant and real. They’ve been on our radar since Charles tutored there in 2011.  Drake House provides emergency and gap housing for young moms and their kids, and provides education in real world skills to empower the women in today’s world. The children get to stay in their local school, and avoid the stigmatization of being homeless, and see their mom as a role-model working towards self-sufficiency.

When we were kids one of our first introductions to science was making a volcano, and when we saw a kit to do just that we knew it would be something Charles Harbin would approve of and enjoy.   So the volcano kit, along with a few other items on the students wish list, including the Scientific Explorer Mind Blowing Science Kit, the Human Body Science Kit and the Scientific Explorer Magic Science Set for Wizards were donated to budding scientists at Drake house.

Christy Merritt, Director of Programs at the Drake House, was grateful. “We appreciate the help,” she said.  Many of our children are behind in their learning goals but are bored with traditional homework, so these kits teach in a creative way. Thank you for thinking of us. This will be a huge benefit to our program.”

You can help us do more for children in the community when you donate to the Charles J. Harbin, III Memorial Scholarship Fund.

“Give what you have.  To someone, it may be better than you dare to think.” ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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