Summer Plans for 2012 Scholarship Recipient

“This summer I am working to save up as much as I can for college.  I definitely have a lot of mixed emotions about going into college.  I am of course both excited and nervous.  I also know I am going to miss my parents so much, but I am definitely ready to be on my own and take on this responsibility.”

“My biggest goal while in college is to find something that I am passionate about so that I can one day have a career that I enjoy.  I can’t wait to make new friends and experience the college life.  I love meeting new people so I am sure I’ll meet many in the crowd of 20,000 people at Georgia Southern!  I am also so thankful to the Harbin Family for everything they have done for me.”

Molly Kollmar
Georgia Southern University
2012 CJH3 Memorial Scholarship Recipient

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