Charles Harbin

Charles Harbin

for his family

Dress Like Mr Harbin Day

the teacher in him had a classroom edge.
his beliefs were clear and strong:
prize the writing and the student.
charles the father yearned for his girls to thrive,
able to see what they could become,
precious rubies he held in his cupped hands.
blessed with adventure in his heart,
he took big and small risks… his colleagues
and students applauded this courage
in class and on the field.
he was planting his feet…he knew he could
outrun the tide, and his direction was clear now,
hewn by his elegant and often bumpy journey.
but he was swept away from us,
taken by unkind and random chance.
a gathering followed, a service for charles
to celebrate his time, and to mark his talents.
the honor, the kind we all covet, was a package:
frantic teachers talk, cry, plan to show
the love, admiration, and respect they had for their buddy charles.
a tender teacher group, his department, they give his family
something they can hold dear forever – a tribute.
he had grown into someone who had earned respect,
and when the family parsed the service, there he was,
the one we all loved, full and complete in stature, a respected man.

by Jack Carter-North
Educator, Writer, Poet

© Copyright 2011-2012 Charles Harbin Memorial Scholarship & Jack Carter-North. All Rights Reserved.

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