Mitties Supports CJH3 Scholarship Fund

Mittie’s Tea Room Supports Charles J Harbin III Memorial Scholarship Fund

Charles Harbin, a talented and highly appreciated teacher at Roswell High School will be greatly missed.

Matt Lawless, English teacher and close friend of Charles’ said, “He was funny, witty, good entertainment and always in a good mood. He had the ability to teach and make it fun. He was always the first person to say hello, and he was never in a bad mood.” Charles was a junior varsity coach at Roswell High along with Lindsay Boyd. Lindsay remembers him as funny, caring and competitive.

Charles was a frequent visitor of Mittie’s Tea Room in Roswell where he often ran into students and fellow teachers, often sharing quips with them. A couple of weeks before his death, his sister Renee invited him to lunch and he chose Mittie’s. On that occasion, an employee who was a previous student of his approached the table to say hi and to catch-up a little on what had been going on in each of their lives. Renee reflects fondly on the memory of that encounter, the interaction that the “Harb” always had with his associates. It seems as if he knew everyone around Roswell.

In Charles’ honor, a memorial scholarship fund has been created in his name and to his memory. This scholarship will be awarded to high school students entering college. Education was the tonic of his life and this scholarship will serve as a keynote remembrance of him and his dedication to his students.

In the planning stages of the scholarship Renee reached out to Lynn Holdridge, owner of Mittie’s Tea Room in Roswell, GA for support of the idea. Her reaction was immediate and enthusiastic, “I am happy that we are a part of one of your lasting memories with your brother. I would like to share your story and support the scholarship fund as an ongoing relationship with Mittie’s.”

The Charles J. Harbin, III Memorial Scholarship was formed in November 2011 to commemorate the life of Charles J. Harbin, III and to change lives and open doors through education. The details of the Memorial Scholarship Fund can be found at:

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3 Responses to Mitties Supports CJH3 Scholarship Fund

  1. B. Bean says:

    I worked with Mr. Harbin at RHS 7th period of last school year. The thing I remember most about Mr. Harbin was the fact that he was in awe at how much his mother and sister loved and emotionally supported him. The other memory that sticks in my mind is his John Wayne swagger. The only other human being besides Denzel Washington with such a distinctive stride.
    B. Bean

  2. optionsint says:

    Thank you B.Bean for sharing your evocative memories. Charles was always a character within our family and it is enriching for me to learn more about him and how others experienced him. Your outlook and comments are unique. They also remind me of vignettes of Charles’ childhood adventures. Whether in Calcutta, Virginia, Sydney or Rangoon; he was always up to something. I hope we will share some stories at Mitties over tea. Thank you, Cheryl, Charles’ Mom

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