CJH3 Donates 150 New Books


Above: 150 books CJH3 Scholarship purchased for donation to local schools includes the classics for all reading levels.

The Charles J. Harbin III Memorial Scholarship honors Charles’ love of family and the importance of reading, and in 2015 will provide books for elementary-age school children.

Sandy Springs Education Force created a program encouraging kids to read at home by providing books they can choose from ‘mini libraries’ installed in Sandy Springs Elementary schools. The pride of beginning a personal library is a valuable tool to promote reading for all children. SSEF stocks the mini libraries with donated books during the school year, however bilingual books are rarely available.

CJH3 Memorial Scholarship is donating 150 bilingual books (pictured right) targeting a variety of reading levels to fill this need. Classic children’s books with English and Spanish translations provide a path for non-English speaking and bilingual parents to get involved and encourage their children to read and excel in studies.

Our thanks to the publisher Scholastic (whose annual book fairs sparked an excitement for reading in us when we were kids) for the program supporting CJH3 and other organizations by providing discounts for those seeking to distribute books in the community.

Charles treasured reading. From teaching ESL (English as a second language) in Japan to teaching literature at Fulton Science Academy and Roswell High School, and tutoring teenagers in transition at the Drake House, he touched the lives of many students by introducing them to the power of the written word.  We know he would share our joy in helping parents help those they love to love reading.

“Books are a uniquely portable magic.”  ~Stephen King

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1 Response to CJH3 Donates 150 New Books

  1. optionsint says:

    Terrific CJH III Scholarship idea which completely reflects the focus and calling of Charles to educate and share his love of literature.  The selection of books for the children is wonderful. So thoughrful.  Thanks so much.

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