2012 Harbin Classic

2012 Harbin Classic

Friday, March 30th before leaving for Spring Break, Roswell High School seniors faced off against faculty at the annual senior/faculty basketball game – aptly renamed the “Harbin Classic” in honor of fan favorite, Charles Harbin.

Old SchoolEarly predictions called for faculty to win big over students. By the end of the first quarter it was clear the Seniors were more focused on the most direct route to the beach rather than to the hoop. Spectators, mostly students, settled in for an embarrassing defeat as they moaned continuous boos from the bleachers.

It seemed the writing was on the wall… until halftime when the Faculty suddenly slowed considerably, many sweating profusely some limping and sporting knee braces. The fast breaks and bank shots of the 1st quarter were being replaced by offensive fouls and granny shots. Old School, indeed.

The Seniors grabbed the opportunity and swiftly overtook the scoreboard. As the seconds ran out, a final goal was scored by the Faculty tying the game 41 – 41. A first ever tie in RHS senior/faculty basketball history, a fitting close to the game now dedicated to student favorite, cherished friend, and former faculty member, Charles Harbin.

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  1. optionsint says:

    For this spectator, the first annual Harbin Classic 2012 was an exciting romp. The wily old Educators applied brain over brawn in the early quarters — much as they and Mr. Harbin always advised their students to do — to quell the gallant efforts of the Spring break-minded youthful Seniors. After an impressive launch, however, by mid-game the old Educators appeared to faltered, huffing and puffing in spite of numerous substitutions, while the athletic Seniors surged ahead. Amid urgings from supporters in the stands, it appeared to this spectator that the Educators resorted to questionable tactics (not usually employed under instant replay) and aggressive passes to recapture momentum. In a reversal of roles, the talented Seniors put the Educators to the TEST, but the Educators persevered thus were rewarded, strained tendons aside.
    In dramatic third quarter putsch — a classic full court press similar to that observed before final exams — the ailing Educators danced like butterflies over and around the Seniors, making a searing comeback and held the score through the final minute. The Educators were seen to huff, puff, sweat, and tighten their knee braces during this spirited endeavor for a good show; however, this spectator observed their quick post game recovery, and opines that these were only tactics to gain sympathy from the cheering crowds and to lull the competition into complacency. The 2012 Harbin Classic was spirited and quirky — much like Mr. Harbin — doing the fans, both teams and Mr. Harbin proud. This spectator looks forward to the next match in 2013.

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