Facebook Auction a Success

An online auction was hosted on Facebook last week inviting a professional network of doctors, therapists, back stretching experts and trainers to bid on a copy of PostureZone, a posture assessment software donated by BodyZone. The auction ended Friday, December 16th, and 100% of the proceeds have been donated to the Charles J. Harbin, III Memorial Scholarship Fund. (join our Facebook page now!)

“Terrific!” said Rebecca Saindon upon hearing she had placed the winning bid. “I am delighted to contribute and truly happy to support the CJH3 Memorial Scholarship. I also look forward to exploring the posture correction and analysis software.” Rebecca is a licensed neuromuscular massage therapist and certified corrective exercise fitness trainer in Nashville, TN. www.NNCweb.com

posture-assessment-softwareA matching bid was placed for the posture correction and assessment program by chiropractic physician, Dr. Amy Eades who currently practices in Portland, Oregon. Her bid doubled the proceeds for the event! “This is a great scholarship and I’m proud to donate, I am a huge supporter of getting an education,” said Dr. Eades.

Many thanks to BodyZone.com for the donation, and all the professionals who promoted the event and participated in the online auction and helped to make it a success!

Help us help students!  Do you have a great item we can auction? Contact us now with your idea!

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